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If you have found a pigeon, please click here to contact the owner

The Irish Homing Union (IHU) is the official body for the regulation of the sport of pigeon-racing in Ireland.

  It is the longest established governing body for pigeon racing in all of Great Britain and Ireland, having been established in 1895.

  It is an all-Ireland organisation, with 3,318 members in 121 racing pigeon clubs spread throughout 19 of the 32 counties.

  The governing body of the Union is called the "Supreme Council", and it consists of a President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus six delegates from each of two administrative areas, known as Regions.

 The Southern Region pigeon racing rings, in addition to the international code "IHU" also include the letter "S", and the owners of all such racing pigeon rings are registered with that Region Secretary:

Arthur Furlong 085 8565581 ( international number 00353858565581 )  ** Lines open 10.00am to 2.00pm Monday to Thursday

Postal Address : Irish Homing Union, PO Box 12633, Dublin 12, Ireland.


If you email us about a lost pigeon, please include a contact phone number and/or an address. The owner of the pigeon may not have email facilities through which to respond.

Through the Irish Homing Union is the best way of getting a lost (stray) racing pigeon back to its owner.